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Frequently asked questions

How to register ?

Before you begin playing Peakmaster, you must connect it to your Strava account.
Connecting your Strava account allows Peakmaster to analyze your activities.
(If you don't have Strava account yet, you can get one on: )

1) Go to
2) Click on the "Connect your Strava account" orange button.
3) You will be redirected automatically to Strava authorization page. Grant authorizations to Peakmaster.
4) Once authorization granted, you're automatically redirected back to your Peakmaster profile page.
Wait for ~1h to have all your Strava activities added to your Peakmaster initial score.

How close from a peak to get a hit ?

The player must be within a 100 meters distance of the peak coordinates ( tolerance to cope with the lack of accuracy of some GPS devices). Altitude is not taken into account.

How list are defined ?

Originally, I put together a list of my favorite peaks in Hong Kong and also found on some websites other interesting peaks to ensure players could discover new spots everywhere in Hong Kong. I ended up with was a list of 100 peaks. Then first players suggested more peaks and I finally stopped at 125 so that climbing all the peaks is challenging but achievable. Recently, players wanted more and suggested secondary peaks and I created Hong Kong II. As of today, there's no plan to merge both challenges.

When my score is updated ?

Usually between 5 and 10 minutes.

This warning is displayed on my player's page : 'Peakmaster does not have enough permissions in Strava to analyze all your activities.' What does it mean?

This is a permission issue. Go to, register again and ensure you granted all permissions to Peakmaster then contact to reactivate your account

How can I get support when peaks are not counted ?

Preferred option : send email to Provide activity id or link and your Strava athlete name ( if different from your email )

Is it possible to add peaks I have climbed without using a GPS device?

Not possible yet.

In zone leaderboard, according to which rules players are ranked ?

1. The athlete with a higher number of rounds gets a higher rank
2. If the scores are tied, then player with the a higher number of different peaks gets a higher rank.
3. If the scores are tied, then player with the a higher number of ascents gets a higher rank.

Which of my Strava activities are analyzed ?

All your your strava activities but only the ones with peaks are displayed in Peakmaster.

Which languages are supported ?

🇬🇧 English and 🇫🇷 French
If you want to propose translation to another language, contact

How can I report inacurate peak coordinates ?

Your feedback helps improving data quality. Send email to

Can Peakmaster connect to other sources than Strava (e.g. Garmin Connect) ?


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